Visual Studio Online

Visual Studio Online

When IT projects involve many developers​​, every (decent) software company should have a proper revision control system. It sounds obvious but I have seen some companies not using them…

Here at iXiT we w​​ere so far using SVN, which is great and simple to use and configure (we used the Tortoise client), but it was not 100% what we needed, as we couldn’t synchronize changes done when working from outside the office (we don’t have VPN access set up yet).

So we were looking for a cloud solution (Github, SourceForge, etc.). All of them provide many features and way more than we need. At the end we decided to move to the newly Visual Studio Online, which ends up being a great alternative that can be set up in 2 minutes and that is totally integrated with Visual Studio.
It also includes monitoring features very useful to follow projects progress.

Visual studio online

image source: Somasegar’s blog

Note also that the basic license is free for up to 5 users.

More information here: Visual Studio Online Overview

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