Bye bye InfoPath

Bye bye InfoPath

It is now official: InfoPath has been retired. More details on the official Office blog.

What to say about ​it? Personally, I have ​never really liked it.

The main idea of InfoPath was to be a tool for designing cool forms quickly. I think Microsoft wanted to allow non-developers to design forms, but at the end it was way too complicated for them to design a new form or modifying an existing one.
Even for an experienced IT developer, InfoPath was very messy and too restrictive. I have seen many projects involving InfoPath ending the same way: typically, at some point​ developers realized it was not possible to do something with InfoPath and had to rollback everything and do it again from scratch using other technologies: usually Visual Studio or SharePoint Designer.

A part of that, it had drawbacks for the end-user too. The most important being the lack of compatibility in many platforms and devices, which seems to have been the main reason for Microsoft to remove InfoPath.

Now we will have to wait for Microsoft to announce what will be its successor.

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