The Ghost of Silverlight

The Ghost of Silverlight

A few days ago I was contacted to give a SharePoint programming training to IT developers. As I was reviewing the training content I found one topic was “programming Silverlight applications for SharePoint”. Silverlight? People still use Silverlight?

I personally don’t recall using any custom made Silverlight application in SharePoint. T​he only relevant case would be the built-in video web part, and maybe some settings pages (create new list or library, site settings, etc.) but even these pages could be viewed without Silverlight.

It is true back in the days Silverlight was presented as one of the «cool stuff» in the SharePoint 2010 versions. Flash had more and more detractors and it was the big boom of the streaming videos on internet. Nowadays with HTML5 and the browsers script’s rendering, Silverlight has become a useless product, not to mention the fact that you have to download and install it to your internet browsers…
I have to say Silverlight is far from being a bad product, only it has arrived a few years too late.

As days ago when Microsoft announced InfoPath was retired, I would not been surprised to see Silverlight being the next deprecated Microsoft product. Actually it seems the last version (Silverlight 5) could be the last one.

So I think Silverlight in SharePoint, and generally Silverlight has no future. And IT developers should not bother learning about it, and get used to HTML5, javascript and CSS3.

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