First insight on the 2014 SharePoint Conference

First insight on the 2014 SharePoint Conference

The 2014 SharePoint Conference took place last month in Las Vegas. For those who could not make it, from the channel 9 msdn web you can watch plenty of videos taken during the conference: SPC 2014 videos

Many products are still in development phase (some are only concepts), but the global strategy is obvious: the push from Microsoft is mostly on the cloud, with SharePoint Online and Yammer.
It makes sense as the adoption of SharePoint Online is growing fast, and the product mimics more and more the «classical»​ SharePoint on premise installation.

I won’t detail everything that was exposed, as there are hundreds of hours of conference. A few thing struck me:

Oslo and the Office graph

So far it is only conceptual, as the speakers admitted. The graph is the idea of interconnecting everything. For instance, integrating email with Yammer, Yammer with online documents; launching a workflow and fill a form directly from Outlook, etc.

Oslo will be the Office graph browser, but Microsoft still doesn’t know what it is going to look like.

The comeback of Access

Scary, isn’t it? But if you look closer, it does not seem bad at all. Actually it will probably be the new option to create forms with no code and replace the now deprecated InfoPath.

Cloud, cloud and more cloud

To conclude, Microsoft is probably on the right way thanks to be very reactive to their customers’ opinion and is following the current technological trends as they are working hard on the cloud solutions.

Still, I was a bit disappointed as most of the new stuff is designed for the cloud, and we don’t know yet if these features will be also available in on premise configurations. Some companies that are not ready or willing to go to the cloud could be reticent to Microsoft’s strategy, as it seems Microsoft is relegating SharePoint on premise architecture to a secondary position.

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