Office Telemetry

Office Telemetry

Office Telemetry is a Microsoft solution that provides useful information about Office usage in your organization, like the frequency of documents and solutions used. It also manages and detects failures in add-ins and solutions.

How does the Office Telemetry work?

Office Telemetry

Thanks to an agent included by default in Office 2013, Office 2016 and Office 365 ProPlus (it has to be manually installed otherwise), the usage information is gathered to a shared folder, then analyzed by the telemetry processor and saved into SQL Server. The final reports are available through Excel.

In order to deploy Office Telemetry, the following components are required:

  • Telemetry Agent (one per computer), to be deployed only for Office versions previous to 2013.
  • SQL Server
  • Telemetry Processor

The setup is pretty straightforward. The Getting Started page of the Telemetry Dashboard provides step-by-step instructions and links to the required software. During installation, the shared folder and database structure and permissions are automatically configured. The Agent has to be enabled and configured using Group Policy.


The information available from the reports is quite extensive


Please note, Office Telemetry is not about file content, hence no important information is stored about the documents themselves. It stores user and computer name, that can be hidden for privacy reasons.

Here is available the detail of the data that the telemetry agent collects in Office

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