Office 365 MyAnalytics

Office 365 MyAnalytics

2020 UPDATE: It’s been more than 2 years since we wrote this post and since then MyAnalytics has evolved a lot. Nowadays it is activated by default in Microsoft 365. For most users it is annoying since it automatically sends a weekly report by email.

To disable these notifications, it can be done globally or at the user level.

Each user can change their settings from by clicking on the parameter icon you can access the configuration where you can deactivate the service, only the notifications, the Outlook add-in or the reporting.

Como desactivar MyAnalytics

You can also deactivate it globally, from the administration of Microsoft 365, in the services settings:

Configuración de MyAnalitics en la administración de Microsoft 365


Original post (december 2017):
A company productivity is often the cornerstone that will define a business success or failure. Microsoft offers a new tool in Office 365 to effectively increase our productivity: MyAnalytics.

Main features

What kind of analytics is this?

MyAnalytics monitors our daily activity in a non-intrusive way. It measures and analyzes our productivity in such a way that we are able to see where are losing time, how many hours we spend on the most important issues and what areas we should manage better. It shows us, for example, how many hours we have spent on meetings or answering mails. We can see how much time we have spent doing tasks that we believe are important, and how much we have wasted in unproductive occupations and even the hours that we have spent at the office, as well as whether these hours have been productive or not.

MyAnalytics is end-user oriented, it provides interactive panels for a clear and effective understanding of the information that is relevant. It shows how well or badly we invest our work time so we can plan a more efficient and intelligent way of working.


MyAnalytics is available in the Office 365 Enterprise E5 suite. If we want to use MyAnalytics on other plans we can subscribe to the service independently.

Office 365 MyAnalytics dashboard



MyAnalytics allows us to increase the quality of the work we do thanks to an intelligent coaching based on every employee’s activity. You don’t need to worry about privacy, since the user names are not displayed at any time, and in any case you can always disable the option to share data collected for specific users. Enter a few productivity goals and the program will help us to achieve them progressively.

MyAnalytics is fully integrated with Outlook. We can see at a glance the time it takes for people to read or respond to our emails, and what happens to our email (messages answered, forwarded, etc.) as long as the supervisory program is locally installed. Again, privacy is completely guaranteed.

My Analytics O365

What is coming soon?

Microsoft plans to add new features to MyAnalytics very soon. In the first quarter of 2018 will be added the ability to analyze long-term trends. Thanks to this we will be able to see how our work habits have changed, find bad habits that still persist and manage the change of work culture of our teams.

A complete tree of interpersonal relationships among colleagues, partners and clients will also be added. Through this tree we will be able to improve our relationships, identify missing links in the business processes (for example, with a responsible from another department).

To sum up

MyAnalytics can become an essential tool to control your productivity. For more information, we invite you to contact us.

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