Prevent Ransomware Attacks with Office 365

Prevent Ransomware Attacks with Office 365

How can Office 365 prevent Ransomware attack

Last year there was a lot of talk about malware attacks and especially Ransomware that have suffered many companies in the world. WannaCry was the most famous but unfortunately not the only one.

These attacks rely on the encryption of company data. Once a company is attacked, it cannot access its files without the key to decrypt them. To get this key and unlock the files, you have to pay a ransom to the attacking hackers. Due to the high level of encryption, it is the only solution for most companies, except those that have a cybersecurity department, although it is often cheaper to pay the ransom than to wait until the files are recovered.

Office 365 ransomware

How does Office 365 protect us?

Nobody is never 100% safe, and it is very easy for a user’s computer to be compromised, if he does not follow basic protection rules.

The main tool of Office 365 against ransomware is OneDrive for Business, with its File Restore feature. that will help you bypass the attack. OneDrive for Business allows you to restore old versions of the files (up to 30 days). If a workstation has been attacked, the files are encrypted and cannot be opened. With OneDrive you can recover an earlier version of these files, when they had not been encrypted yet.

If the ransomware of the infected computer has not been identified and deactivated, the files can be restored in another computer, otherwise the ransomware will re-encrypt them as soon as they are restored.

In addition, OneDrive automatically detects mass-modification (or deletion) of files, which is often related to an attack. In this case, OneDrive itself sends an alert to the user and is pre-configured pared to recover these files.

Other security features in Office 365

The emails are a common target for hackers. An email may contain an infected file or some link to fraudulent pages. Exchange Online includes protective tools and detects the most suspicious emails. It is also possible to define custom rules for filtering and retaining emails.

Taske Action

Nowadays nobody is safe from an attack that can have very serious consequences, not only at a cost perspective: production stops, data loss, interrupted service, loss of legal data, etc.

All of these cannot be compared with the simplicity and low cost involved in implementing Office 365. In IXIT we help you setting it up, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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