Working from Home with Teams. Microsoft Tool is Free during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Working from Home with Teams. Microsoft Tool is Free during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft makes Teams available for everyone for free.

Microsoft Teams, an Essential Tool for Working from Home

With the coronavirus outbreak, in most european countries and much of the world, it is recommended to work from home. Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration tool that enables and facilitates teleworking.

Microsoft Teams provides a virtual office where an employee can share documents, chat and make video calls with their colleagues, customers or suppliers.

In Teams you can create work groups, where several users work with a common goal (such as a project). In these virtual spaces, users can simultaneously edit a document, add comments about it, share their screen, or simply talk and chat, just as if they were in the office, talking to their colleagues.

Microsoft Teams incorporates classic video call functionalities, with a multitude of additional functions, such as the possibility of recording video calls or the use of Microsoft Whiteboard.

Finally, Teams is available for any device: mobile, tablet, Mac or PC. It is also accessible via the web, without the need to install a local program.

In this page you can read more about this tool.

How to get Microsoft Teams for free

If you already have Microsoft Office 365

Teams is part of Microsoft Office 365. So if your company has Office 365 licenses, you already have this tool. Now you have the perfect excuse to encourage its use: tell employees to log in from this page and start using the tool.

If not all employees have a user with an Office 365 license, you can register them without assigning licenses (hence at no cost), and use the same link to get Teams.

You don’t have Microsoft Office 365

In this case you have 2 possibilities:

1. You can use the freemium version of Teams (limited functions) with your personal email accounts. You can get if here.

This version features unlimited chat, group or one-to-one audio or video calls, 10 GB of file storage per workgroup in the cloud, and 2 GB of file storage per user, in the cloud as well.

However, the use of a personal email account may not convey a serious image of the company. It is much better to contact a client from an account of the type than a personal address such

2. You can get the complete Teams version for free, with professional user accounts of the type To do this, contact us and we will register your company in Microsoft Office 365 for free.


The Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) is challenging in many ways.

For companies, it is an opportunity for employees to get used to using tools that facilitate mobility and communication inside and outside the company. The use of teleworking tools has to be habitual nowadays, not only during an exceptional lap of time.


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