Our Mission

At iXiT we help companies to improve the management of their processes, by providing them high quality IT services and collaboration tools. Our priority is to satisfy our customers.

Our Vision

We focus on being an IT consulting firm that represents well done works, a company recognized for the satisfaction of our customers, employees and suppliers. We have a positive and proactive attitude to face any challenge.



Our Values

  • Customer satisfaction: it is our main priority. We focus our effort to guarantee our clients satisfaction, by providing competitive solutions of quality, with noticeable added value.
  • Quality: we aim to excellency in every aspect of the work we do, given the assumption that it is always possible to improve.
  • People: we believe in personal growth opportunities, based on people’s credit and professional contribution.
  • Team work: we encourage everyone’s collaboration to reach a common goal, by sharing information and talents.
  • Sustainable growth: our business is focused on a long-term and stable development. Although we do not forget the importance of achieving short-term and mid-term goals.