Training Management

Our system permits management of all the training related information of a company or organization of any type and size.
The training management system was designed to be used by any user profile existing in a company.

Training Administrators

The training administrators can classify the courses, plan the training sessions, defining for each, the dates, place and the available seats. At the end of each training the administrators has to confirm the attendance. They also have access to the reports, giving them advanced statistics.

Department Managers

The managers can request a new course not planned previously, sign up assistants to the planned sessions and control course attendance.


Any employee can look up for the training they have been appointed. They can also access to their personal report of completed courses.

Outstanding Features

Notifications configurable by the administrators allow for instance to remind the participants when a session is about to start, or notify managers that they have to confirm the attendance to a finalized coursed.

The reports provide statistics about attendance and training internal cost. They can be expanded by department or user profiles. They provide very useful information for the company.

Thanks to the courses classification and the user profiles, the training management system is also a tool for monitoring the trainings, as it provides information about the required courses by employee’s profile. It is useful to track employees that have pending courses to complete based on their profile, in order to comply with the company’s professional risk prevention policy.

Training Management calendar
Training Management: course details