The Service Desk we developed at iXiT is based on the Microsoft SharePoint technology. It has been designed from small and big companies.

Any person or entity (as a shop for instance) can quickly raise a new issue into the Service Desk, so it can be globally and easily solved.

Based on the type of issue raised and its priority, the system detects the users responsible of its resolution, notify them by email and assign them a task that includes the automatically generated ticket number.

Service Desk homepage

Each issue follows a control workflow that depends on the type of issue, its priority and the person that raised it.

Each time a new issue is raised, it is assigned a unique number: the ticket. It helps for a better tracking of the issue by the managers and by the person that raised it.

The Service Desk includes a control panel (dashboard) where the administrators have a global overview of the system and the issues status. From their personal dashboard everyone can see the current status of the issues they raised.

The system uses Word templates to automatically generate documents when the issues requires a physical copy of the documentation.

Service Desk: issues list
Service Desk statistic reports