Composed of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in SharePoint consulting, at IXIT we are a reference in SharePoint projects implementation.

SharePoint is the perfect tool to develop an intranet or extranet, but it is not its only function.

Documents Management

SharePoint is a powerful Document Management System that features, among others:

  • Simultaneous work on the same document by multiple users
  • Recovery and review of previous versions of a document.
  • Metadata assignment to improve classification and search of relevant documents
  • Work with draft versions, only visible to the users modifying the document while other users only see the current published version.

The SharePoint Online version integrates seamlessly with OneDrive for Business to allow synchronization of documentation with local folders.

document library in SharePoint Online
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SharePoint offers a simple and intuitive interface, adaptable to all types of devices: PC, mobile and tablet.

It allows sharing and managing content, knowledge and applications to improve teamwork.


SharePoint is a platform useful to manage digital workspaces. People from a team can manage their projects together, safely and efficiently, by sharing documents, tasks, calendars and emails.

Actually, Microsoft Teams uses SharePoint to manage these aspects.


SharePoint can also be used as an information portal for employees where are posted events, alerts, news and videos. It is also used to store content pages and documents such as manuals, instructions, statutes, regulations and templates.


SharePoint Office 365 Hybrid On PremiseTwo implementations of SharePoint co-exist: SharePoint Online, the cloud version, included in the Microsoft Office 365 suite, and SharePoint On-Premise, available in 2013, 2016 and 2019 versions.

The On-Premise versions are more robust but require a significant infrastructure.

SharePoint Online on the other side is very easy to set up, but does not include all the features available on the On-Premise version.

It is worth noting that the 2 implementation are getting similar, Microsoft is adding constantly new features to SharePoint Online (view list) and the On Premise versions integrate with the cloud and allow hybrid configurations.





Other Platforms

Other platforms integrates with SharePoint to provide tools for easier creation and maintenance of workflows and custom forms.

At IXIT we have developed workflows and forms with K2 and Nintex.

We also work with Sharegate to manage SharePoint controlled migrations from external systems.

Custom Management Solutions

With SharePoint you can automate business processes to speed up and improve productivity.

With the help of Microsoft Flow (Power Automate) and PowerApps you can develop robust solutions based on custom workflows and forms.

At IXIT we have developed, among others, the following applications for our clients: